JK Findings Caprice Catalog

12 May 2023 1 .925 Sterling Silver | Caprice Pearls | Silver Beads | Natural Stones 10.0mm White Potato Pearl 1.8mm Hole P0178H18 164.30g per 100p 10.0mm Natural Potato Pearl 1.8mm Hole P0178NH18 195.50g per 100p ITEM# DESC. WEIGHT ITEM# DESC. WEIGHT 10.0mm Faceted Black Onyx Bead 1.8mm Hole 99010FBOH18 69.50g per 100p „„ PEARL CAPRICE 6.0mm Pyramid Cut Bead Light 2.0mm Hole AT 5001206LP 21.62gper 100p CAPRICE SYSTEM „„ 2.0MM CAPRICE WITH TRIGGER CLASP 7.5” 2.0mm Caprice TC AT 5015710075LTC 8” 2.0mm Caprice TC AT 501571008LTC 8.5” 2.0mm Caprice TC AT 5015710085LTC 16” 2.0mm Caprice TC AT 501571016LTC 18” 2.0mm Caprice TC AT 501571018LTC 20” 2.0mm Caprice TC AT 501571020LTC PATENT NO. 9,339,091 7” 2.0mm Caprice TC AT 501571007LTC ITEM# DESC. „„ 3.0MM CAPRICE WITH TRIGGER CLASP 6.5” 3.0mm Caprice TC AT 5015720065LTC 18” 3.0mm Caprice TC AT 501572018LTC 7.0” 3.0mm Caprice TC AT 501572007LTC 20” 3.0mm Caprice TC AT 501572020LTC 8.0” 3.0mm Caprice TC AT 501572008LTC 8.5” 3.0mm Caprice TC AT 5015720085LTC 16” 3.0mm Caprice TC AT 501572016LTC 7.5” 3.0mm Caprice w/Ext AT 5015720075LTCX 7.5” 3.0mm Caprice TC AT 5015720075LTC PATENT NO. 9,339,091 ITEM # DESC. ITEM # DESC. ITEM# DESC.