JK Findings Loose Stone Catalog

12-May-23 4 Loose Stones Hearts and Arrows JK Findings AAAA-rated cubic zirconia stones are precision-cut to ideal proportions with good optical symmetry, polish and a specific faceting pattern. When viewed through a scope, a Hearts & Arrows CZ will reveal a pattern of eight symmetrical arrows from the top (crown) and eight symmetrical hearts from the bottom (pavilion). *2.0-3.0mm stones come packaged in bags and 4.0mm and larger come packaged in trays* „„ DIAMONDS „„ PEARLS ITEM # DESC. MOQ ITEM # DESC. MOQ 2.0mm (.03ct) SI1 DEF HPHT Lab Grown Diamond 98002D 6 EACH 7.0-8.0mm White Potato Pearl W/ 1.2mm Hole P0141H12 120 EACH 8.0-9.0mm White Potato Pearl W/ 1.2mm Hole P0154H12 70 EACH