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2024 PRODUCT LINE The anti-tarnish products from Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care incorporate Corrosion Intercept® and Static Intercept®, Lucent Technologies patented polymers that react with and permanently neutralize corrosive gases that lead to corrosion and tarnishing of metals, both precious metals as well as other metals used in silver and jewelry products. Use Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care products to protect all your precious metals from tarnishing including sterling silver, gold filled and low karat gold. What Is Intercept TechnologyTM? Anti-tarnish tabs and strips are the perfectly safe and economical way to protect silver, gold, and other metals from tarnish and corrosion during shipping and storage for up to 12 months. They will not scratch or harm any metals or gemstones. Simply insert the tabs or strips into jewelry boxes, pouches, or zip-lock bags and let them do the work! Anti Tarnish - Static Intercept® Tabs and Strips IS100P 1x1” with Labeling - 3000 Piece Pack IS2700B20 2x7” - 20 Piece Pack IS2700B500 2x7” - 500 Piece Pack IS2700B1000 2x7” - 1000 Piece Pack IS2700PB1000 2x7” with Labeling - 1000 Piece Pack IS100B100 1x1” - 100 Piece Pack IS100B500 1x1” - 500 Piece Pack IS100 1x1” - 3000 Piece Pack 1500 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road Rochester, NY 14623 TEL 585-292-0770 | Toll Free 1-800-338-6157

Anti Tarnish - Corrosion Intercept® Translucent Zip Bags Clear 2x3” Anti Tarnish Zip Bags Clear 4x4” Anti Tarnish Zip Bags Clear 6x6” Anti Tarnish Zip Bags Clear 3x3” Anti Tarnish Zip Bags Clear 4x6” Anti Tarnish Zip Bags Clear 4x4” AT Center Seal Zip Bags ITEM DESCRIPTION IS11023TB10 10p Pack IS11023TB100 100p Pack IS11023TB3000 3000p Case ITEM DESCRIPTION IS11044TB10 10p Pack IS11044TB100 100p Pack IS11044TB3000 3000p Case ITEM DESCRIPTION IS11066TB10 10p Pack IS11066TB100 100p Pack IS11066TB3000 3000p Case ITEM DESCRIPTION IS11033TB10 10p Pack IS11033TB100 100p Pack IS11033TB3000 3000p Case ITEM DESCRIPTION IS11046TB10 10p Pack IS11046TB100 100p Pack IS11046TB3000 3000p Case ITEM DESCRIPTION IS11044CSB10 10p Pack IS11044CSB100 100p Pack IS11044CSB3000 3000p Case Clear 2x2” Anti Tarnish Zip Bags ITEM DESCRIPTION IS11022TB10 10p Pack IS11022TB100 100p Pack IS11022TB3000 3000p Case Corrosion Intercept bags provide affordable longterm storage for any silver & gold items that may tarnish. The bags have a translucent film on both sides to allow thorough viewing of your item(s) inside. They protect items from tarnish for up to 3 years. When the copper color begins to turn gray or black, it is time to change the Intercept package. Anti Tarnish Draw String soft velveteen pouches are perfect for protecting a variety of silver & gold items from the damaging effects of tarnish and oxidation. They are safe for all metals and gemstones, and protect items from tarnish for up to 3 years. Anti Tarnish - Corrosion Intercept® Velveteen Pouches IS110545BK 4x5.5” AT Black Fabric Pouch IS110557BK 5x7” AT Black Fabric Pouch IS110523BK 2.75x3.5” AT Black Fabric Pouch

Anti Tarnish Poly Tray Covers - Corrosion Intercept® Intercept Foam™ - Anti Tarnish Pad Inserts Intercept Complete Cabinet Filtration Unit CIT180714 12mil 7x14” Anti Tarnish Poly Tray Cover IS110623P 2.55x3.55” Anti Tarnish Foam Pad Inserts IS1106 Tarnish Prevention Complete Filtration Unit IS1106F Filtration Replacements (3 Pack) Anti Tarnish Poly Tray Covers prevent tarnish of your jewelry for up to 12 months. The cover works by absorbing and neutralizing tarnishcausing gases without leaving any deposits on items it protects. The cover has a built in saturation indicator - when the cover begins to change to a gray or black color, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Trim the cover as needed to fit half-size trays. Corrosion Intercept is non-toxic, non-abrasive, recyclable and environmentally friendly. Intercept Foam™ eliminates the need for oils, chemicals, and other coatings to protect your precious metal items from tarnish and corrosion. Intercept Foam™ is the next evolutionary step for applications such as cabinets, drawers, showcases, compartments, larger boxes, etc. Intercept Foam™ has a massive sponge-like surface area, which absorbs and neutralizes harmful gases in enclosed spaces. A color change from copper/dark brown to light gray acts as an indicator that the pad needs to be replaced. Each foam pad typically protects 30 cubic feet of enclosed space for up to 1 year. For larger spaces simply add additional pads. The Intercept Complete Cabinet Filtration Unit provides perfectly safe, non-toxic protection for all metals and gemstones in jewelry showcases and storage areas. Simply place the unit in a showcase— hide it behind a tray or display pad. The ICF Filter unit comes with 1 Corrosion Intercept® filter pad for neutralizing atmospheric pollutants. Filter pads and batteries should be changed approximately every 90 days. Additional filter pads can be purchased on our products page. Runs on 2 “D” Batteries (not included). Anti Tarnish - Corrosion Intercept® Translucent Zip Bags CI202410H 20x23” Anti Tarnish Zip Bag CI101215 10x12” Anti Tarnish Zip Bag Perfect for product trays and bulk materials. Use our largest zip bag to easily protect bulky items.

What do Bell Labs, Volkswagen, the Statue of Liberty, car engines, the environment, and Intercept Technology™ have in common? In early November 2009, South Africa’s Chamber of Commerce presented its 2009 Environmental Award to Volkswagen. This honor might have little in common with Alcatel-Lucent or the telecom industry except for one thing — Volkswagen won the “green” award because of a little-known Bell Labs innovation called Intercept Technology™. Intercept Technology™ is an integral part of packaging material that Volkswagen uses to keep its car parts and engines from corroding during shipping. The technology prevents harsh elements from penetrating the package and harming the goods inside, and is environmentally safer than commonly used oils and minerals that can damage the environment and require costly and time consuming clean-up and disposal. The entire Intercept® packaging is 100 percent recyclable. It All Began with the Statue of Liberty The Intercept Technology™ was developed in the mid-1980s by John Franey, who at the time was a Bell Labs researcher trying to solve atmospheric contamination and costly corrosion of the company’s equipment, especially the circuit packs that were at the core of the telecom‘s technology. Today he is part of the Reliability Physics team in Alcatel-Lucent’s Carrier product activities, working to make Alcatel-Lucent’s products more reliable. Due to his expertise in corrosion research, Franey was invited to help ‘spruce up’ France’s gift to the people of the United States — the Statue of Liberty — in time for her centennial celebration in 1986. Over the decades the Statue’s pure copper sheathing had developed a protective green patina, which actually is the result of copper corrosion. In some areas however, the copper was corroded from the inside due to water pocketing from leaks at the seams and other openings. This corrosion had eaten through the copper’s thickness creating both holes in the copper and deteriorating the internal steel frame work — which threatened the structural integrity of the Statue. All of the steel was replaced from the inside but the restoration task force needed to replace some of the Statue’s old copper. But the new copper did not match the 100-year-old copper, and Lady Liberty could have looked like she was wearing an old patchwork dress. While researching the problem at his office in Murray Hill, NJ, Franey looked up one day and made an important observation. “The patina on the roof of Murray Hill’s [Alcatel-Lucent’s North America HQ location] Arnold Auditorium was similar in color to the Statue of Liberty,” he said. On a hunch, he took samples of the Statue and roof and discovered that they both had the same formation of crystals on their surfaces. Franey realized he could dramatically speed up the patina process by “seeding” the auditorium’s patina onto the new copper that would be used to repair the Statue, thus initiating the green corrosion needed to match her dress. First he removed the patina from the new copper sheets without damaging its crystalline structure. He then suspended the patina in a liquid solution containing binders that promoted attachment and growth, and then sprayed the solution onto the sheets. Within three weeks the copper began to show signs of age, and within three months it matched the rest of the Statue. A Crystal Clear Solution Corrosion takes place whenever there is a defect in the copper. Over time, many types of copper complexes (crystals) form. Most of them are removed by rain and wind, and what is left is a natural crystal that is environmentally friendly. “If you identify the predominant crystal that forms the patina on the Statue of Liberty and place that crystal at the defect site on the statue, it will start selectively growing. In this case, the particular crystal formed at a very low rate, so it took 15 to 20 years for enough of it to cover the copper. “By placing (or seeding) the correct crystal structure at the defect sites I could promote (speed up) the formation of that type of crystal on the surface,” he continued. Within three weeks enough of the right patina grew to a layer thick enough to match the Statue’s copper. “Kind of like creating the Statue’s own crystal DNA.” Classic Bell Labs Now that he knew how to speed the aging process of copper, he turned his attention to his original assignment at Bell Labs, which was to slow it down. In classic Bell Labs style, where trying solving one problem opens doors to solving others, Franey decided to take the opposite approach. Using the knowledge gained from the Statue of Liberty restoration project, he invented a material that acted as a corrosion inhibitor to greatly slow the corrosion process. Because Bell Labs was not in the plastic bag business, the invention was developed as a new venture and sold to a company called Engineered Materials, Inc. (EMI), which specializes in protective plastics and packaging. Bell Labs established an agreement with EMI to develop a Static Intercept® Technology Group of diverse global manufacturers along with distribution resources. Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, as a member of the Intercept Technology Group and working with EMI, is the master distributor and manufacturer of anti-tarnish products for the jewelry industry after introducing it over 20 years ago. Alcatel-Lucent uses Static Intercept® technology as its primary product packaging today. Award-Winning Technology When he heard about the Environment Award for his innovation, Franey was pleasantly surprised. “I knew my invention would be useful in eliminating corrosion,” he smiled. “But I didn’t foresee that 20 years later it would be recognized for replacing environmentally unfriendly corrosion-protection products and lowering our carbon footprint.” The Story Behind Intercept Technology™


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