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JK Findings will not be participating in any trade shows for the remainder of 2022. We will update the 2023 schedule as soon as the dates are confirmed. Please check back for more information.


November 11, 2022

JK Findings Has Acquired Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, LLC

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, LLC, the distributor of Intercept Technology(TM) anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish products for the silver and jewelry industries.

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Products
Products from Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care use patented polymers to permanently neutralize the chemicals that cause tarnishing of metals.

Intercept Technology(TM) is a revolutionary, award-winning product that provides superior protection against tarnish and corrosion. The product is clean and nonabrasive, leaves no detectible deposit on the products it protects and will not harm even the softest of gemstones. Additionally, it is a fully recyclable and environmentally friendly product with substantially reduced landfill time.

The acquisition of Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, LLC fits into JK Findings strategy of offering a broad selection of not only jewelry findings and finished jewelry but also high quality products that complement our portfolio.

"We are excited about this acquisition as it expands our product offerings to our customers while also protecting their lower karat gold, sterling silver, gold filled, gold plated and brass jewelry and findings from tarnish and corrosion." - Joni Lucas, CEO, JK Findings

We will continue to brand the product lines under the Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care name. Our promise is to provide you with excellent quality, selection, service, and price with all our products, including the Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care line of anti-tarnish and anti-corrosion offerings.

To learn more about our Intercept line of products, visit their website, Go to our Contact Us page or use the chat feature on our website to inquire about wholesale pricing on Intercept products.


Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, LLC

About Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, LLC Æ

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, LLC is the Intercept Technology(TM) Group's exclusive authorized worldwide master distributor of Intercept Technology(TM) anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish products for the silver and jewelry industries.

Their anti-tarnish products incorporate Corrosion Intercept(R) and Static Intercept(R), Lucent Technologies patented polymers that react with and permanently neutralize corrosive gases that lead to corrosion and tarnishing of metals, both precious metals as well as other metals used in silver and jewelry products.


New Product from JK Findings

October 18, 2022

Wire Arch Beading Hoops

Eurowire Hoops

Eurowire Hoops

These .925 silver Eurowire hoops have been flash gold plated for beautiful color. Available in the following sizes: 1.5 x 15.0mm (5011671GP), 1.5 x 20.0mm (5011672GP), 2.0 x 15.0mm (5011615GP), 2.0 x 20.0mm (5011620GP), and 2.0 x 25.0mm (5011625GP).

Navajo Pearl Stretchy Bracelets

Navajo Pearl Stretchy Bracelets

.925 silver Navajo Pearl beads give a handcrafted artisan look to our stretchy bracelets. These 6.5" bracelets are available with either 3.0mm or 4.0mm Navajo Pearl beads.

Browse Our New Navajo Pearl Stretchy Bracelets


Beaded Stretchy Bracelet

Beaded Stretchy Bracelet

Our line of 1/20 14K gold filled beaded stretchy bracelets now includes a 6.5" bracelet with 2.5mm shiny round beads (4014725E65L).

Browse All Stretchy Bracelets

16" Round Bead Necklaces with Extender

16" Round Bead Necklaces with Extender

These 16" necklaces feature 1/20 14K gold filled shiny round beads in 2.0mm (401891216LX), 3.0mm (401891316LX), or 4.0mm (401891416LX) sizes. All necklaces have a 2.0" cable chain extender with 7.3 x 5.5mm quality tag and use a 3.0 x 8.0mm lobster claw clasp.


1.0mm Spinner Rings

1.0mm Spinner Rings

Our new .925 spinner rings feature a 3.0mm round seamless bead which spins freely over the entire circumference of a 1.0mm ring. Available in sizes 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Browse 1.0mm Spinner Rings

Rolling Rings

Rolling Rings

Now available in .925 silver, rolling rings interweave 3 separate 1.0mm rings so they float freely but always remain connected. Available in sizes 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Browse Rolling Rings


Wire Drop for 6.0-8.0mm Beads

Wire Drop for 6.0-8.0mm Beads

Available in 1/20 14K gold filled, this drop is designed to hold a bead or pearl that is 6.0mm to 8.0mm in diameter. The wire size is 20.5ga (0.76mm | 0.030"). The attached jump ring has an outside diameter of 2.0mm (0.079") and an inside diameter of 1.0mm (0.040").

View New Wire Drop

9K Round Seamless Beads

9K Round Seamless Beads

New to our line of 9K gold are the 7504950L - 5.0mm bead with 1.4mm hole and 7504960L - 6.0mm bead with 1.5mm hole.


9K Spring Ring Clasps

9K Spring Ring Clasps

Another addition to our line of 9K gold is new spring ring clasps. The 7502250CL is a 5.0mm spring ring with a closed ring. The 7502360 is a 6.0mm spring ring with an open ring.

Pendant Bar

Pendant Bar

This new 1/20 14K gold filled pendant bar measures 5.28mm x 31.0mm (0.208" x 1.22") and has a thickness of 0.45mm (0.018"). The single hole measures 1.0mm (0.040").

View Our New Pendant Bar


Oxidized Pattern Beads

Oxidized Pattern Beads

These new .925 silver beads have a oxidized pattern which gives them a handcrafted look. The 6.0mm bead has a 1.4mm hole (5020056) and the 8.0mm bead has a 1.6mm hole (50200581).

Cable Chain Footage

Cable Chain Footage

New 14K gold 1812 cable chain footage. Link dimensions are 0.45 x 3.5 x 2.6mm (0.018 x 0.138 x 0.102") with 12 links per inch.

View Our New Cable Chain Footage


2.0" Cable Chain Extenders

2.0" Cable Chain Extenders

2.0" Cable Chain Extenders
Two new 14K gold cable chain extenders both have 2" lengths of 1812 cable chain. The 1012546T3 extender is finished with a 3.0mm shiny round bead and the 1012546X2 extender is chain only. 




Stay Informed About JK Findings New Product Releases

October 18, 2022

JK Findings sends customers a new product update by email approximately once a month. If you would like to receive new product email updates, visit our Contact Us page and be sure to check the box for new product and company updates. You can also contact your sales or customer service representative to be added to our mailing list.

Previous JK Findings New Product releases are available below:


New 9K Gold Findings

April 22, 2022

JK Findings Introduces New 9K Gold Findings

We are excited to announce the launch of our expanded 9K findings line. In response to customer requests, we are adding wire, beads, clasps, earrings and components, jump rings and more. As we continue to grow our international business we listened to our customers who were looking for a larger selection of 9K findings. Below is a listing of the new items that will be available over the coming months. If there are other items you would like us to supply in 9K please let us know.

For pricing or ordering information, go to our contact us page, use the live chat feature on our website, or call us at 1-800-338-6157.

   JK Findings Expanded 9K Gold Findings Line  

Item Number



26ga .016" (0.41mm) DS Spool


24ga .020" (0.51mm) DS Spool


22ga .025" (0.64mm) DS Spool


3.0mm Cup & Twist Peg Drop with 2.0mm Ring


Screw Eye with 6.5mm 1/20 14K Peg Drop


Small Locket Bail (2.25 x 5.8mm)


3.0mm Ball Drop


3.0mm Bead Cap .026 Hole Light


2.0mm Bead 0.8mm Hole


3.0mm Bead 1.0mm Hole


4.0mm Bead 1.0mm Hole


5.0mm Bead 1.4mm Hole


6.0mm Bead 1.5mm Hole


5.0mm Spring Ring SuperLight with Open Ring


5.0mm Spring Ring SuperLight with Closed Ring


Lobster Claw 1 (3.3 x 8.4mm)


Lobster Claw 1 (3.3 x 8.4mm) with Ring


4.5mm Magnetic Clasp


4.5mm Magnetic Clasp with 4.5mm Spring Ring


3.0mm No Hole Ball


3.0mm Seam Bead 1.35mm Hole


3.0mm Crimp Cover


2.0 x 1.0mm (1.5mm ID) Cut Tube


2.0 x 2.0mm (1.5mm ID) Cut Tube


Medium 2 Earring Back (4.3 x 5.1mm)


Light Earring Back (3.0 x 4.5mm)


Premium Earring Back (9.2 x 9.4mm) Swirl


Plain Leverback with Ring


Post 21ga .029 x .375" (0.74 x 9.50mm)


3.0mm Ball Earring with Ring


French Ear Wire .028" (0.71mm)


Ball End Ear Wire .026" (0.66mm)


3.0mm Pearl Cup with 0.66mm Post


Headpin 26ga .016 x 1.0" (0.41 x 25.4mm) .045" Head


Ball Headpin 26ga.016 x 1.0" (0.41 x 25.4mm)


Jump Ring C&L 22ga (0.64 x 3.0mm)


Jump Ring C&L 22ga (0.64 x 4.0mm)


Jump Ring C&L 20.5ga (0.76 x 5.0mm)


Jump Ring C&L 24ga (0.50 x 2.5mm)


Jump Ring 22ga .025 x .157" (0.64 x 4.0mm) Closed


Jump Ring 22ga .025 x .200" (0.64 x 5.0mm) Closed


Cable Thimble 0.53mm Hole