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Gold Catalog


Gold Filled Catalog

Gold Filled

Silver Catalog


Rings Catalog


Caprice Catalog


Rubber, Leather, & Satin Catalog

Rubber, Leather, & Satin

Loose Stone Catalog

Loose Stone

Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care


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Most Platforms


Our catalogs are interactive:

Interactive Catalog

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Better than paper...

Our interactive catalogs are superior to printed catalogs:

  • Instant PricingInstant Pricing: Customers with a website account can check pricing instantly on our website.
  • More AccurateMore Accurate: Interactive catalogs are updated frequently and you can check item availability on our website.
  • Better PhotographsBetter Photographs: Interactive catalogs have higher resolution photos than printed versions.
  • Special ContentSpecial Content: Interactive catalogs feature links to special content such as videos.
  • Available EverywhereAvailable Everywhere: Interactive catalogs can be downloaded to your computer for viewing without internet access.