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4.5mm Magnetic Clasp
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4.5mm Magnetic Clasp

Product Code: 1001513

  • Style : Magnetic
  • Metal : 14K Yellow Gold
  • Ring/No Ring : No Ring
  • Plating : No Plating
This Kit Contains:
  • Plug for PLASTICTUBE1 (x 0)
  • 4.0mmx2.0mm Magnet N50 (x 2)
  • 0.375"x3.0" Plastic Tube (x 0)
  • 4.5mm Cap w / Ring (for magnetic clasp) (x 1)
  • 4.5mm Cap w / Ring (for magnetic clasp) TM (x 1)

Magnet Specifications

Diameter: 4mm (0.157")

Thickness: 2mm (0.079")

Magnet Grade: N50

Gauss Strength: 3,950

Pull Strength: 8.07lbs per square inch

Magnetic Flux: 0.56-0.59mWb

Packaging: 12 pieces per pack

Magnet Health Warning

Magnet Health Warning: Contains small magnets. For adult use only (13 years of age and older). Keep away from children. All magnetic clasps are sold as a component intended to be permanently affixed to a finished jewelry chain or other strand. Swallowed or inhaled magnets can attract through and squeeze intestines or other body tissue, causing serious injury or death. Seek immediate medical attention if swallowed or inhaled. Magnetic fields can affect the function of pacemakers or other implanted electronic medical devices.

Quoted Weight (gr):0.57276
Country of Origin:USA
Min Order Qty:12 Each