The educational videos in this section provide product demonstrations and instructions, as well as information on our jewelry findings, precision mechanisms and manufacturing capabilities.

How To Set a Stone in a Bezel Setting

How to set a stone in a bezel setting using a bezel setting punch and bezel setting block (a round brilliant CZ is used in this video). Browse our site for the bezels, loose stones, and bezel setting tools used in this video.

How to Use a Click & Lock Jump Ring

All of our round open jump rings feature "Click & Lock" mechanisms for easy and secure closure, with no soldering required.

Using JK Findings' Magnetic Clasps with Spring Ring

Attach necklaces fast and secure with JK Findings' magnetic clasps with spring ring. Our magnetic clasps are small and light but use powerful magnets to easily secure your jewelry. We offer magnetic clasps in 14K gold, 1/20 14K gold filled, and .925 silver.

How to Use The Adjustable Chain Finding Set

Assembly instructions for 5004217SET and 5004220SET. The adjustable chain finding set is also used with items 501214122LA, 501242922LA, 501372122LA, 501474122LA, and 501520622LA.

How to use 5001517SET (Threaded Magnetic Clasp)

This video provides step-by-step instructions for gluing the Threaded Magnetic Clasp to rubber meterage and instructions on how to open and close the clasp.

Layered Necklace Clasps

Create layered necklaces with our two and three row layered necklace clasps. The Layered Necklace Clasp has a secure fit and is easy to open and close. Layered Necklace Clasps are available in 1/20 14K Gold Filled and .925 Silver. We also have a variety of tube clasps in 1/20 14K Gold Filled and .925 Silver.

New Bead Chain

Unlike traditional ball chain, which consists of small beads connected by short lengths of rod or wire, our New Bead (ball) Chain uses one continuous chain to connect the beads, creating more flexibility and smaller gaps between each bead. Made with .925 silver in 16" or 18" lengths.

Companion Rings

.925 silver stardust and shiny rings available in sizes 4-8 to fit each finger. Designed to be worn as "companion rings" on each side of your wedding ring, or mixed and matched on all fingers.

Bayonet Ball End Bangles

This video explains how to open and close a bayonet ball cuff bangle. Bayonet ball cuff bangles are available in 7 Inch size.

The New 7" Interchangeable Cuff Bracelet AT

The 7" Interchangeable Cuff Bracelet AT is made of .925 Silver with an anti-tarnish finish. This video features the birthstone connector collection with all birthstone colors available as well as the Infinity Connector SPAT.

Drops and Connectors

Precision machined bezels are used for setting stones into drops, connectors and earring components.

JK Findings Capabilities

Caprice Flex Bangles

Choose from our line of finished Caprice Flex Bangles or add your own beads or pearls to a .925 Silver Flex Bangle with pearl cups.

How to Use a Caprice Beading Bracelet

The Caprice system offers several bracelet, necklace and earring styles in .925 silver, leather and rubber along with a variety of beads, charms and other components.

Capri Bead and Bracelet System

The Capri collection provides a lower priced alternative to the Caprice System. Compatible with all Caprice beads, Capri bracelets and necklaces eliminate the threaded endcaps used in the Caprice system, and instead use inexpensive stopper beads to hold beads in place.